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1. Why will the fiber optic cables be installed through the water lines?
2. What amount of contamination/introduction of foreign matter to the water pipes might occur during the fiber optic Internet technology installation process?
3. How might this affect downstream water quality in the short term during the installation process and in the long term with any maintenance operations?
4. Why does the City prefer public streets to private streets?
5. Why can't we do something to slow down traffic for pedestrians?
6. Whom do I call if a streetlight is out?
7. Whom do I call if the signal lights at an intersection are out?
8. Where can I get City maps?
9. How do I locate my sewer or other utilities located on or near my property?
10. Who do I call if I need to dig on or near my property?
11. When do I need to call before I dig?
12. Why do I need to call before I dig?
13. What are those paint markings in front of my house?
14. I see sidewalks around town that go nowhere. An example is the sidewalk recently installed on the north side of Oakes Avenue near Anacopper Mine Road. What is this all about?