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Parks and Recreation

  1. 4th of July Town Photo Submission

    Submit Your Picture for the 4th of July Town Photo Yes we will have a town photo this year, just a little different than in the... More…

  2. Bark in the Park Photo Contest Submission

    Submit a photo of you and your favorite K9 companion for the Virtual Bark in the Park photo contest.

  3. Program Scholarship Application

    Application for scholarship for payment of league or class fees for a participant.

  4. Wonderland Walk Booth Application Form
  1. Anacortes Community Lighting

    Decorate your business with Holiday Cheer and be featured in this year’s community lighting event.

  2. Geocache Placement Permit Request

    Apply for a Geocache Placement Permit here!

  3. Virtual Art Dash-Submit your Result

    Submit your race result as well as an optional picture from your race.