Broadband Survey

October 9, 2017

Today is an exciting day for the City of Anacortes. On the same day that we are launching a new and improved City website, we are opening a survey to gain insight into the community’s interest in municipal broadband.

As you are aware, the City is installing fiber optic links as part of our water and wastewater telemetry system. We are now exploring if the remaining fiber optic capacity could serve as a backbone for a fiber network in our community.

To better understand the needs of the community in deploying a fiber optic broadband utility, the City of Anacortes has purchased and implemented the COS Service Zones™ system as a survey tool to solicit feedback and organize data from the community for possible fiber network expansion. This system will allow the public to express satisfaction with current services offered in the area, voice their opinions on the proposed network project, and request expansion of the fiber network into specific neighborhoods. If the demand is great enough and the city moves forward with the network expansion, the system will also allow residents to track plans for construction.

Please complete the online survey and encourage your staff and friends to complete it as well. The survey is available at  This is the first step in helping us to better understand the community’s interest in a city owned broadband system.

Thank you for your help in spreading the word about the survey.

Laurie Gere, Mayor

City of Anacortes