Board picture 2020

The Anacortes Public Library Board of Trustees

Left to Right: Katherine Hamer, Alethea Fleming, Christina Hansen, John Shafer, Dave Duck, and Ruth Barefoot, Former Director.

The Anacortes Public Library Board of Trustees are citizens who have a desire to serve the library and the community; time to devote to board responsibilities; and willingness to serve as advocates for library development. Trustees are appointed by the Mayor, confirmed by the City Council, and serve a five year term. 

Library Board of Trustees Responsibilities

  • Listens to the community needs and concern
  • Supports the library’s public relations program
  • Knows local and state laws regarding public libraries and keeps abreast of library trends and standards
  • Knows and abides by library board bylaws
  • Represents the library’s point of view at city council meetings and other public forums
  • Discusses and adopts library policies 
  • With the library director, reviews the annual library budget
  • Attends all regularly scheduled Board meetings and other special meetings as needed
  • Attends library functions as appropriate
  • Works with library director on community assessment & long range plans
  • Affiliates with state and national library organizations.


Currently serving on the Library Board: Alethea Fleming, Katherine Hamer, David Duck, Christina Hansen, and John Shafer. The Library Director is an ex-officio member of the Board and therefore has no vote on Board issues.  

Regular Meetings

  • Meetings of the Anacortes Public Library Board of Trustees are open to the public. Your attendance and participation are welcome.  
  • Meetings take place the 2nd Monday of the month.  9:00 am, in the Friends of the Library Meeting Room. 
  • If you would like to attend, please contact Michelle Hanna, (360) 588-8329, by the Friday prior to the meeting.  While the Library is closed, Board meetings are being held online via video conferencing.  If you have a question for the Board that you would like formally addressed, please send your question to by 5 p.m. on the Friday before the meeting. 


  • 5 Members
  • 5-Year terms
  • City Resident (possible one County)
  • Limited to 2 full terms

Important Documents