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We are looking forward to starting our tours again in 2023.  

The wastewater treatment plant hosts tours both annually and upon request. The Public Works Open House is held the Thursday after Memorial weekend. The Open House includes demonstrations from all of the city public works divisions. School groups have made the open house an annual event for most third-grade students. The public is also invited to the open house where they can learn more about surveying, pipe locating, the sewer camera van, the water treatment plant, see the various street equipment and tour the wastewater plant.

Individual & Group Tours

Individual and group tours can be scheduled by calling the plant at 360-299-0953. For a complete tour anticipate spending 1.5 to 2 hours at the plant. Tours include processes for influent intake and effluent discharge requirements, going through the headworks, aeration and incineration buildings, monitoring the various processes through our computer control programming and what we do in our lab to test our flows.