Wastewater Treatment Plant

Mission Statement

"Essential services for our community"

The Anacortes Wastewater Treatment Plant, located on T Ave between 4th & 6th Streets, went online on February 17, 1992. At this time the city went to a secondary treatment biological process, that treats suspended and dissolved solids. This process vastly improves the quality of the treated water Anacortes discharges into the Puget Sound. The treatment plant has an average daily flow of 1.89 million gallons and is permitted for up to 4.5 million gallons per day.

Pump Rebuild by WWTP Staff
Allen Lindbo and Mark Gatto are rebuilding one of the sewage pumps from a collection system lift station.  Rebuilding pumps in house allows the operators to see the condition of the pump first hand, the pump is put into service more quickly, and the City saves in the costs associated with rebuilding the pump vs purchasing a new pump.  

WWTP Upgrades to a Duel Fuel Truck, Liquid Propane and Gasoline.

Liquid Propane and Gasoline Truck