Fleet Services


The Fleet Services Department is responsible for purchasing and maintaining all of the City’s 337 vehicles, equipment and tools. Technicians in the shop maintain and repair all city equipment.

That list includes but is not limited to:

  • Fire
  • Police
  • Pool vehicles
  • Public Works equipment and trucks
  • Solid Waste trucks

We take care of all of the city equipment you see working in your neighborhood.

Asset Replacement Program

Fleet Services is also responsible for administering an asset replacement program for all vehicles and equipment. We evaluate and plan a replacement schedule on an annual basis and we keep a 5 year plan of major purchases. Our current average age of the fleet is 11.32 years old; a range of equipment that is 30 years old to brand new. When it comes to replacing equipment, we research, write specs, and procure the new equipment in the most financially responsible way possible. We then surplus and sell our old equipment at auction.

Preventive Maintenance

In order to keep our fleet running in top condition we perform preventive maintenance (oil changes / safety inspections) on scheduled intervals. Last year we performed almost 500 preventive maintenance inspections. And we consumed just over 1000 gallons of oil and used just over 300 oil / fuel and air filters.


When an item is in need of repair we prioritize the city’s needs and repair the equipment in a timely manner. We perform about 99% of all repairs in house. This includes fabrication and welding work. Sometimes we have to make custom tools and modifications to equipment. We also help other departments. In the past, we have built signpost anchors, BBQ pits, gates and even a handicap viewing platform at Little Cranberry Lake for the Parks Department.