Anacortes - Early 1970s

(Title Unknown): An Anacortes Promotional Film Made for the Chamber of Commerce & City of Anacortes

Directed by Dr. Ernest S. Booth with original music by Gene Breeden and narrated by Don Coughlin.

Dr. Ernest Booth was a multi-talented educator, filmmaker and author responsible for the acquisition of Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory for the Walla Walla University. Anacortes benefited from his film work on this now historical document, as well as color film of Bobo the famous gorilla while he resided with the Lowman family in the 1950s.

Career of Dr. Ernest Booth

Booth founded and operated a movie and slide strip business, Outdoor Pictures. He published Birds of the West in 1950, which was dedicated to his father, Sherman, as follows: “To my Father Sherman Booth, who has been my inspiration in the study of outdoor biology since boyhood days, when he spent hundreds of hours walking with me over the hills of eastern Oregon and Nevada."

Anacortes in the early 1970s