Pursuant to Resolution 1978, the Director of Public Works is authorized to accept contracted work as complete on behalf of Council for all projects. The Director of Public Works has declared Final Acceptance and has authorized staff to close out these projects. Any person or firms having claims arising from this contract are requested to file such claims pursuant to RCW 39.08.030 with the Anacortes City Clerk.

Contract #
Title Contractor Final Acceptance Date
18-134-FAC-001 Ops Facility HVAC System Install
Stilly River Mechanical
December 18, 2018
18-170-PRK-001 Hazard Tree Removals
Eager Beaver Tree Services
December 27, 2018
16-042-WTR-001 Traveling Screens @ WTP Intake Station
Tiger Construction
January 3, 2019
WTP North Fence Repairs
Doran Fence Co.
January 7, 2019
18-167-WTR-001 WTP Window Roller Shades
Amazing Window Treatments
January 8, 2019