A Crime

The Anacortes Police Department presently does not have a system for the online reporting of crimes. Please view the following categories for information as to how to report a crime.

Reporting Activity in Progress

To report a crime in progress, immediately dial 911. Additionally, you may dial 911 to report any activity, suspicious behavior, or other matters which may require the immediate assistance of Police or Fire Department personnel. If you believe that a person involved in activity or crimes that you wish to report is still present at your location, please dial 911 immediately.

Reporting Activity That is "Cold"

If the crime or matter which you wish to report is "cold," that is, it has occurred in the past and you are certain that the suspect or involved person is not present, you may reach the Skagit 911 dispatch center non-emergency line at 360-428-3211. An Officer will be dispatched to assist you in person or via telephone depending on the circumstances. You may also dial this number to speak to Officers regarding a case you have already reported, or if you have general questions that you would like answered by an Officer.

Calling the Police Station to Report Crimes

Please do not contact the Anacortes Police Department main phone line, 360-293-4684, to report crimes. That phone is answered by our Records Division and you will be directed to call the above non-emergency dispatch phone number. Our Officers are dispatched via the Skagit 911 dispatch center in Mount Vernon, and as such, there are no personnel at the police station itself who dispatch Officers to calls.