Fire Department

Fire trucks outside of station


To safe-guard against injury:

Stay home if possible; reduce or eliminate travel.

Check your emergency kit before the storm and replenish any items missing or in short supply, especially medications and medical supplies. 

If you must venture into the snow, keep your cell phone charged and extra, warm clothing in your vehicle. There could be a delayed response in reaching you if you do slide off the road.

To prevent falls, keep a supply of non-clumping kitty litter to make walkways and steps less slippery.

To protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning:

Do not burn gas generators or gas powered tools in your home- including in the basement or garage.

Do not use BBQs or camping stoves in your home. 

To prevent fires:

If you are using a space heater, keep anything flammable such as bedding, clothing, rugs or curtains at least three feet away in all directions. 

If you have alternative heating sources, such as fireplaces or wood-burning stoves be sure they are clean and in working order. Dispose of ash safely

Never use your kitchen stove or oven to heat your home.

For more information on cold weather safety, please contact the Anacortes Fire Department, or visit us on Facebook. Also visit the City of Anacortes website for occasional postings.

Recreational Fire Permits

As a reminder, a recreation burn permit is required for all recreational fires within the Anacortes City limits. The burning of yard debris, garbage, or other non-approved materials is prohibited.

Burning of weeds with a propane torch is also prohibited.


Serving our community, saving lives and protecting property.


Teamwork - Integrity - Excellence

Commendation, Meritorious Service

We would like to hear from you if have received exemplary service, performance, behavior, attitude or achievement from one of our Department members. Submit the Commendation, Meritorious Service Form (PDF) to let us know.