Permit Application Portal & Helpful Documents

The City of Anacortes Planning, Community, and Economic Development (PCED) Department regulates the construction of public and private structures and development as mandated by the State of Washington, the City of Anacortes Municipal Code and International Building Codes. 

Through the standards contained in these codes, the Building Division performs plan review and inspection services to ensure that buildings constructed and occupied by its citizens comply with all fire, life and safety requirements. The Planning Division processed land use applications and regulates our shorelines in compliance with the Comprehensive Plan and the Growth Management Act. The Public Works Department reviews applications for use of the public Rights-of-Way. 

All permits (building, land use and public works) can be submitted online through the SmartGov portal. Please note, Google Chrome is the preferred browser. Submit documents in PDF format and label as the Type of document and date (i.e.: Architectural Plans 01.01.2024).  For general questions please call the Permit Coordinator at (360) 588.8119 or email