Activating & Deactivating Service

New Home/Property Owner

If you are a new home/property owner the Title Company should contact us at the time of closing for your new home. We will update the account at that time, regardless of when possession changes. For existing homes, we do not stop/start any service between owners. These services are ongoing.

Please fill out this New Owner/Property Form and we will contact you soon regarding a smooth transition to you new home/property.

Please fill out this Seller’s Information Form for the owner selling the home/property as we will need your forwarding address and information.

Renting or Leasing

If you are renting or leasing it is up to the owner or property manager to add you on to the account. Please have them fill out the form below (only owner or manager): 

 Tenant / Property Manager Form 

All the services are ongoing and are in place; we do not stop or start any service between tenants. This is a lien-able and will stay in the owner’s name, permanently. The owner/property manager will get notified when a tenant is scheduled for disconnect due to non-payment along with the tenant.

If you are moving out and wish to have your name removed, please fill out the form below:

 Tenant Removal Form

**Please remember it is up to you to remove your bill payment system and cancel any Paymentus information that you have on that site.** 

Please call with any questions, 360.293.1909.

Change of Address

If you need to change your address (due to temporary or permanent change of mailing address), please fill out our Address Change form