Commercial Account Services


Commercial accounts are a bit different than our residential as they are not required to have refuse service; however, if you need refuse service it must be provided by the City of Anacortes.

Most commercial accounts are set up for a weekly pick up but can be altered for more pick ups throughout the week. Extra pick ups are also allowed and will need to be scheduled through the Sanitation Department. To do this or change your service level, please call 360.293.1921

To get started at a commercial property, please contact Utility Billing at 360.293.1909. 


Commercial accounts are not billed for recycling through the City. These accounts are at liberty to go with whomever they wish for recycling service as it will be billed directly from that company to you. We have nothing to do with recycling for commercial accounts, work with the company that you decide to hire for that service.


Commercial accounts - Restaurants Only - may request organics that will be billed through the City. Please contact Utility Billing at 360.293.1909 to get started.