Anacortes Community Forest Lands - "A" Avenue Landfill Site


A Avenue Landfill Site


The City is proud of its stewardship of the Anacortes Community Forest Lands and works closely with the public through the Forest Advisory Board to maintain and care for this important environmental and recreational area.


The City has worked closely with Skagit County Public Health and Washington State Department of Ecology since 2003 to properly contain and close a historic landfill site located within the Community Forest Lands at A Avenue.  Skagit County Public Health and the Washington State Department of Ecology dictated plans and standards for the cleanup, capping, and closure of the old landfill, which the City followed carefully.

The cleanup plan provided by the Skagit County Public Health Department and Washington State Department of Ecology determined that some items needed to be left on-site because their removal could have dislodged potential contaminants and caused more damage to the surrounding area than containing the old landfill materials. 

After the City closed and capped the site, Skagit County Public Health on behalf of the Washington State Department of Ecology, determined the site was properly closed and that no further cleanup action was required of the City in 2009.  Since that time, the City has performed routine testing and maintenance of the cap to ensure the site is fully contained to avoid contamination of the surrounding area.

The Washington State Department of Ecology first notified the City on January 22, 2020 that they were revoking the determination of no further action required, nearly 10 years after the fact.  The City was surprised when the Washington State Department of Ecology decided to reopen the site since the City has fully cooperated in all cleanup and maintenance and reporting activity.  The City remains committed to protecting its valuable resources and will work diligently to ensure any newly-determined cleanup actions are carried out completely and in accordance with all Washington State Department of Ecology requirements.   

With its mosaic of lakes and forests and abundance of recreational opportunities, the Anacortes Community Forest Lands are highly prized by local residents.  The City works year round to care for this important resource by maintaining trails, providing recreational opportunities and enhancing habitat.  

With our community partners, the City is committed to preserving the Anacortes Community Forest Lands for generations to come.


Please Note: The Department of Ecology has asked the City to limit off-trail access around the “A” Avenue Landfill. Please refrain from off-trail travel in this area and throughout the Anacortes Community Forest Lands.


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