2020 Slurry Seal project

Latest Updates

August 5, 2020

The 2020 Slurry Seal project wrapped up Sunday, August 2, with Doolittle Construction LLC sealing the last three streets of almost three dozen roadway sections included in this year’s work.

Doolittle will be back in the coming weeks to complete striping and sweep up residual gravel.

Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word about this year’s project and your patience as the schedule had to be adjusted.

We’ll be back next year to slurry seal more streets in the city.

August 1, 2020:

23rd Street, 24th Street and C Avenue will be slurry sealed in the morning, Sunday, August 2.

They are the last streets scheduled in the 2020 project.

Thank you all for your patience during this project.

July 31, 2020:

Due to the brief rain this morning and other unforeseen hurdles, the slurry seal project has fallen a bit behind. 

As a result, some streets originally scheduled to be done earlier in the week will now be done on Saturday or Sunday. 

Please see the above schedule to see if your street is one of them.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Day 1 work has begun


The City of Anacortes Public Works Department continues its annual plan to slurry seal neighborhood streets with this year’s work primarily on roadways near D Avenue in the center of the city.

Asphalt Quality Sealers of Anacortes made repairs to the roadways in June in preparation for the slurry sealing.

Doolittle Construction LLC of Bellevue will do the actual slurry sealing toward the end of July.

Traffic Impacts

Roads will remain open as preliminary work to seal cracks and make other minor repairs to the streets are done in preparation for the slurry seal. Temporary traffic control will include flaggers, small barricades and orange cones. Please drive carefully and keep workers safe.

During the actual slurry seal work, residents and other drivers will not have access to and cannot park cars on the streets prior to or when the work is being done as well as for a time after the slurry seal application - up to 8 hours.

NOTE: Residents schedule for garbage and recycling collection on Wednesday will have it picked up on Thursday instead.

Public Outreach

As the project gets closer, residents and others affected by the slurry seal work will be notified of the schedule by mail, this city website page and on the Public Works Facebook page.

Project benefits

Slurry sealing a street is comparable to painting house siding every few years. Paint to a house like seal to a street protects against weather deterioration, prevents water infiltration and improves aesthetics. 

Why some streets are slurry sealed and others are not depends on the condition rating given to them by the city. An A grade street is excellent and an F grade street a failure. An A grade street gives positive economy by use of original pavement until it becomes a B grade. D and F grade streets warrant more extensive repair and cannot be helped by slurry seal. B grade and C grade streets receive slurry seal since they are in neither too good nor too poor a condition.