Commercial Avenue Complete Street Project



The City of Anacortes is working with design consultant firm Alta Planning + Design, Inc. on the Commercial Avenue Complete Street project, which will implement multi-modal improvements from 11th Street to 13th Street. 

This project will also provide a contextually sensitive connection from the downtown central business district to the rest of the South Commercial Avenue Corridor as well as 12th Street.

Virtual Public Open House

Please take this opportunity to review information on the Commercial Avenue Complete Street Project at a Virtual Public Open House website by Alta Planning + Design.

Consider the project and register your comments with the design team. Also please pass along the website to any and all who should see it.

The Virtual Public Open House will be active until the end of January 2021. The project team will be presenting the project to the City Council in early February with a recommended alternative to begin design of the project.

South Commercial Avenue Corridor Plan

Commercial - 11th to 34th

The Complete Street Project is part of the city’s South Commercial Avenue Corridor Plan, which aims to make the corridor safer for walking and biking as well as strengthen economic development between 11th and 34th streets.

The design includes wide sidewalks and protected bike lanes on both sides of the roadway with a planted buffer along the parking lane. Reduced lane width and planted medians will further improve safety by managing vehicle speeds and shortening pedestrian crossing distances.

An initial traffic analysis by TSI Transportation Studies Inc. shows the design accommodates forecasted future traffic volumes and meets city and Washington state Department of Transportation Level of Service standards.


Alta Planning + Design began its design process with four alternatives for the 12th Street intersection. As a result of what was heard at a December 2019 open house and a subsequent City Council meeting, two of the options, the protected intersection (signalized) and the roundabout, were selected for study in more detail.

12th and Commercial Renderings_Part2
12th and Commercial Renderings_Part4

The evaluation criteria includes how the intersection alternatives impact traffic flow as well as pedestrian and bicyclist safety.


November 2019 - Project kicks off with conceptual design phase

December 9, 2019 - Open House and project presentation to City Council  by consultant Alta Planning + Design, Inc.

Through January 2021 - Alternatives assessment & conceptual design evaluation

February 2021 - Council decision on preferred alternative

February - June 2021 - Preliminary design

July - October 2021 - Final design

November 2021 - Estimated Bid

2022 - Construction

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Dec. 9 Open House

Open house images cropped


Project area 1969

12th and Commercial East 1969

South Commercial Avenue has minimal bicycle and pedestrian accommodations. Along the corridor there have been 10 pedestrian and bicycle collisions in the last three years. There is also public sentiment to improve the aesthetics and economic vitality of the area. 

In late 2015, The city received a grant from WSDOT to develop a concept design that improves roadway facilities for non-motorized uses between 11th and 34th streets.

In January 2016, Alta Planning + Design began the design of the South Commercial Avenue Corridor Plan with a public open house to get feedback from the community. Later that month, the design team presented three alternatives to city staff.

In February 2016, the City Council approved the Parkway Alternative, which included wide sidewalks, protected bike lanes and plantings.

In summer 2019, the city received grants from WSDOT and the Washington State Transportation Improvements Board for design and construction of improvements in the two-block area from 11th to 13th streets.

In November 2019, the city began the conceptual design phase of the Commercial Avenue Complete Street project.

In December 2019, Alta Planning + Design introduced the project to the public through an open house and a City Council presentation.


The Commercial Avenue Complete Street project is estimated at $3,500,000.

Funding comes from:

  • $1,300,000 WSDOT Bike and Pedestrian Grant
  • $ 950,000 Washington State Transportation Improvements Board (TIB) Grant
  • $ 375,000 Transportation Benefits District
  • $ 375,000 City Sidewalk and ADA funds
  • $ 500,000 City Utility Funds and/or additional grants
12th and Comm vicinity map

The Commercial Avenue Complete Street Project will cover the two-block area from 11th Street to 13th Street. The project will advance a "complete street" that will safely accommodate vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

Contact Us:

For general questions, contact the City Engineering Department - 360-293-1920

Tim Hohmann, Engineering Tech/Project Manager - 360-588-8068,

Eric Shjarback, City Assistant Public Works Director/Project Engineer - 360-299-1980,

Brandon Gonzalez, AICP, Alta Planning + Design, Inc. Senior Associate - 206-735-7466,