Tree Trimming

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Why Does Anacortes Require Tree Trimming?

Anacortes is required to conduct street sweeping on publicly owned roads. Trees must be pruned to allow clearance for the street sweeper to pass through. Branches below 12 feet can damage the sweeper and require costly repairs. In order for the sweeper to come through, the branches extending towards the street must be pruned to 12 feet above street level. 

For branches extending over the sidewalk, pruning is recommended to 8 feet above the sidewalk for ease of pedestrian passage.

Why Does Anacortes Sweep the Streets?

Street sweeping does more than just clean our roads! Street sweeping prevents flooding in our streets. Leaves on top of catch basins can prevent water from draining off of our roadways. Sediment and debris can wash off the road into the catch basins and storm pipes and cause clogs that may back up the storm system. Street sweeping improves public safety by decreasing the risk of skids and collisions, as well as providing safer road edges for pedestrians and bicyclists. 

Street sweeping also reduces water pollution. It removes metal particles, dirt, trash, and debris that would otherwise travel through our storm drainage system into the surrounding waters.storm drain with leaves

The City of Anacortes is required to sweep the streets to meet the requirements of the Western Washington Municipal Stormwater Permit section S5.C.7.d (bold/italics added by City):

"Implement practices, policies, and procedures to reduce stormwater impacts associated with runoff from all lands owned or maintained by the Permittee, and road maintenance activities under the functional control of the Permittee. No later than December 31, 2022, document the practices, policies, and procedures. Lands owned or maintained by the Permittee include, but are not limited to: streets, parking lots, roads, highways, buildings, parks, open space, road right-of-ways, maintenance yards, and stormwater treatment and flow control BMPs/facilities.

The following activities shall be addressed:

  1. Pipe cleaning
  2. Cleaning of culverts that convey stormwater in ditch systems
  3. Ditch maintenance
  4. Street Cleaning
  5. Road repair and resurfacing, including pavement grinding
  6. Snow and ice control..."

For more information on the City of Anacortes stormwater permit, visit the City of Anacortes Stormwater webpage.

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