Guemes Channel Trail Phase III - Washington Park to State Ferry

Map is an approximation of potential route not an accurate reflection of exactly where the trail will be

GCT Map Phase III

Status: Planning

Length: 4,150 feet

Cost estimate: $750,000


  • Location decision
  • Beach restoration
  • WWU approval
  • Grade issues
  • Pinch point
  • Adjacents
  • WSF support
  • Washington Park route

A loop trail to connect the “Loop Road” to the State Ferry would be a welcome non-motorized pathway for west end residents and visitors alike.  A dirt or gravel trail similar to those our residents would recognize in the Anacortes Community Forest Lands may be appropriate for the sensitive environment on this route.  Since the land is owned by Western Washington University through much of Shannon Point, we must address access and conservation issues important to WWU's staff and students.  However we end up arriving at the ferry terminal, we  will work closely with WWU and the Washington State Ferry system make the connection beneficial for the parties involved.