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Satko Poster topAll who attended the October 1st presentation on The Improbable Saga of Satko's Ark were wearing smiles as the adventure was described. The audience was intrigued to discover the crucial role that Anacortes played in the family's secret escape to Alaska. Fortunately, those who missed the event can get the whole story online: 
In photographs, historic audio clips & excerpts from radio documentary, historian Michael Sullivan tolds the remarkable story of Paul & Mollie Satko & their 9 children on an odyssey across America to Anacortes, then by homemade boat to a homestead in Alaska. For more information on the Ark of Juneau visit 
Satko's Ark is an experiment in non-fiction storytelling using digital and vintage audio with an online archive of images to document the journey of Paul Satko and his family from Richmond, Virginia to Tacoma, Washington and then on to Alaska during the American Great Depression. Originally aired as a 9-part broadcast on Seattle's NPR staion, this site now serves as it's primary story-telling platform. Additional photographs are included at the Anacortes Museum's photo database using a "Satko" keyword search, or visit the new exhibit at the Anacortes Museum, ALL IN THE SAME BOAT: Anacortes in the Great Depression.