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The City of Anacortes Consumer Confidence Report is published annually to provide an overview of water quality during the previous calendar year. The Water Treatment Plant is required by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) of 1976, as amended in 1996, to produce a yearly report on the quality of its drinking water. In addition to reminding consumers of the importance and need to protect drinking-water sources, the report's purpose is to inform drinking-water consumers:
  • Where our water comes from
  • What analytical tests are conducted to ensure its safety
  • What those tests reveal about the water
  • How those results compare to state standards

Last year, as in the past, the City of Anacortes’s drinking water was in full compliance with all county, state, and federal regulations. In fact, we are proud to report that our water has never violated a primary maximum contaminant level.

Paper copies of the most recent report are available at City Hall, 904 6th Street, Anacortes, and the Anacortes Water Treatment Plant, 14489 River Bend Rd, Mt Vernon.


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