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Anacortes Police - Property and Evidence



If the Anacortes Police Department has property belonging to you and it is ready to be released, we will send you a letter. If you have received a letter, please call our Property and Evidence Custodian, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, at (360) 293-4684 to make an appointment. Once you have set up an appointment, you must bring the letter and picture ID with you to the Anacortes Police Department.

If you have not yet received a letter and believe we have property belonging to you, please call the Property and Evidence Custodian before coming to the Police Department. It is helpful to have the incident number when you call. Please remember that an appointment is required and you must bring ID in order for the property to be released to you.


Within seven days of finding property, please report and surrender the property to the Anacortes Police Department. If you would like to claim the found property, please complete our Found Property Rights Statement at the time of surrender.

The Anacortes Police Department will then take possession of the found item and place an ad in local publications. In accordance with RCW 63.32, we must retain the item for sixty (60) days. However, if the item remains unclaimed, you will be contacted reference your claim.


We are now using and for all of our property auctions. Our surplus, found, unclaimed, and forfeited property auctions will be conducted on the Internet. Interested persons may view the items and submit their bids by logging onto one of the above websites.

Please feel free to call us at (360) 293-4684 if you have any questions or comments regarding property held by the Anacortes Police Department.