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To report an emergency, please call 911.
For a non-emergency police related call, please call (360) 428-3211.

Visit the Anacortes Police Department page for more information.

How do I arrange for a civil standby?
A civil standby is completed when a person who is the respondent in a no-contact order wishes to remove basic items from a residence where he or she is not permitted to be by a court order. To arrange for a civil standby, please call our dispatch center at (360) 428-3211. An Officer will be dispatched to assist and will contact both parties to set up a mutually agreeable time for the standby to occur. At the designated time, the Officer will remain at the residence while the respondent removes basic items. If you are the respondent in an no-contact order, do NOT contact the petitioner to set up a civil standby yourself; you may be subject to criminal charges for violating the order.

I have a Landlord-Tenant issue. Can the police help me?
The Anacortes Police Department cannot assist with Landlord-Tenant Act issues, to include a person not paying rent, a person failing to leave a rental property they have been living in after the lease has expired, and a person refusing to allow their landlord into a rented residence. Additionally, the Anacortes Police Department does not serve Landlord-Tenant Act related paperwork, such as eviction notices. For information regarding the Landlord-Tenant Act, please click here. The Skagit County Sheriff (SCSO) is responsible for civil Landlord-Tenant Act issues, to include evictions; you may view contact information for the SCSO Civil Division by clicking here.  

What should I do about a violation of a parenting plan?
Parenting plan violations are civil in nature and the Anacortes Police Department typically does not enforce violations of them. You may wish to speak to your attorney about parenting plan violations that occur. If you believe that your child is in danger, however, please contact us by dialing 911.

I have been the victim of a telephone scam. What do I do?
If you have been the victim of a telephone scam and did not provide any personal information or money to the caller, you may contact your phone company to have the offending phone number blocked. You may also report the incident to federal authorities by completing the form at: If you have provided personal information or money to the phone scammer, please contact our dispatch center at (360) 428-3211, and an Officer will contact you about the issue.
You may learn about the most recent scams by clicking here.

How do I obtain a no-contact order against someone?
Police Officers do not issue no-contact orders; Judges do. You must go to the Skagit County District Court and complete a petition for an order. Court appearances will follow after the petition is submitted and before a no-contact order is issued. Click here for more information. Contact information for that court is:
600 S 3rd St,
Mount Vernon, WA
(360) 336-9313

I saw something suspicious or witnessed a crime taking place. How soon should I contact the police?
Many people are hesitant to call the police because they feel that their complaint may not be important enough. If you elect to contact the police about a matter, it is best to do so as soon as possible so an Officer may be dispatched to investigate the issue. Often times, when a person delays calling the police, evidence is no longer available at the crime scene or the suspects or suspicious persons are long gone and unable to be contacted by the police. If in doubt, call the police immediately. It is our job to respond to calls.

Parking Enforcement
Parking enforcement issues fall under the responsibility of our Community Service Officer.

Is there a time limit on parking?
The standard parking limit on city streets is 72 hours. This does not apply when otherwise posted (such as the downtown corridor or near the high school) or if a vehicle is parked in the area directly adjacent to its owner’s property (see Municipal code 10.12.010).

What about parking a motorhome, boat or trailer on the city street?
Motorhomes, boats and trailers are ALWAYS limited to 72 hour parking, even if parked adjacent to the owner’s property (see Municipal code 10.12.010). This only applies when parked on city streets/property. If you have a guest coming to visit that will need to stay in your motorhome/trailer/camper you can get a free permit through the City Planning and Building Department.
It is unlawful to live in any type of vehicle in the City of Anacortes.

What is back-in angle parking?
We now have several areas in our downtown corridor that are back in angle parking only. You may be wondering what exactly is back in angle parking and why do we want it here in Anacortes?
What it is: Back-in angle parking is like regular diagonal parking except that you enter the space by back into it instead of pulling forward into the space.
Why we want it:

First, it creates more parking for both citizens and tourists to utilize.
Second is that it’s safer! When drivers who exit back in parking stalls they have far greater visibility of approaching traffic. Their view is not obstructed by large vehicles, vehicles with tinted windows, and they have a direct line of vision to see approaching bicyclists and pedestrians. It also allows for quicker re-entry into the traffic flow and is easier than parallel parking.
Third, off loading passengers and cargo from an angled vehicle is much easier. Vehicle trunks and tailgates are facing the curb rather than the lane of travel where someone loading a vehicle is at risk of being struck by a passing vehicle. Also, when unloading small children and pets it is safer as the open vehicle door guides them towards the safety of the sidewalk, not towards the street.
Lastly, studies have shown that vehicle speed is reduced on those streets where there is back in angle parking because motorists are more aware of drivers about to re-enter the lane of travel and drive slower in order to better respond to them.

How to back in angle park:

  • Put on your right turn signal as you approach the parking space
  • Don’t make any turns away from or into the spot before reversing, just continue along your normal path of travel, just outside the parking spaces
  • Think of it like parallel parking: pull past the parking space until the rear tires of your vehicle are even with the end of the parking space and then just turn your steering wheel to the right while backing up
  • Use your mirrors to see the parking stripes to center yourself in the space
  • Use the front of your vehicle as a reference for how far to pull back-if you drive a pickup truck or larger vehicle with a lot of overhang, be careful not to pull too far back and block the sidewalk
  • Practice: it only takes a few times to get the hang of it

What can I do about junk/abandoned vehicles on city property?
If a vehicle appears to be abandoned you can contact the 911 center via non emergent phone # 360-428-3211. At that time an Officer will determine if the vehicle is owned by a resident in the area. If not the vehicle will be tagged for 72 hours at which time Officer Nybo will return to confirm if the vehicle has been removed. Vehicles not removed are subject to impound at owners expense. Any vehicle parked on a city street must be in running condition and have current registration.

What can I do about junk/abandoned vehicles on private property?
If the vehicle is on private property it is the responsibility of the property owner to have it removed. Officer Nybo is a certified junk vehicle inspector and can do vehicle inspections when in service Monday-Friday 0800-1600 by appointment.

I am interested in employment as a Police Officer. How do I begin the application process?
The City of Anacortes continuously recruits for Police Officers with the assistance of Public Safety Testing. Please view the website for additional information or call (866) HIRE-911 (447-3911).

Anacortes Police Department
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Corner of 24th Street and M Avenue
Across from Island Hospital and Anacortes MIddle School
Mailing Address: 1218 24th St, Anacortes WA 98221
Police Department Telephone: (360) 293-4684
Fax: (360) 299-1987