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Anacortes Police - Recommended Links

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We recommend the following websites:

- For information about personal and business safety and security

Washington State Crime Prevention Association

National Crime Prevention Council
• Crime Prevention for Kids

- For information about Project Lifesaver, which helps to track and recover adults and children who wander due to Alzheimer's, Autism, Down's syndrome, dementia and other related cognitive conditions.

- For information on how to protect yourself online:

- For information about Identity Theft:
Federal Trade Commission
Internet Crime Complaint Center

- To report crimes related to the US Mail:
United States Postal Inspection Service

- To learn about check fraud schemes:

- For your free annual credit report:

- For other credit reports/fraud information:

- For parents of new drivers.

- For other drivers:
Washington State Department of Licensing

- For road conditions and other information:
Washington State Department of Transportation

- To learn about prohibited practices of collection agencies.

- For information on Landlord Tenant Laws:
Washington State Attorney General
Washington State Bar Assocaition

- To check out a business or a charity:
Better Business Bureau

- For keeping your kids safe online:

- For information about the Youth at Risk/Child in Need of Services programs

- To be removed from telemarketing calls, junk mail, items from credit card companies and online spam lists:

- To learn about various frauds and scams and how to avoid them:

- To check crime statistics and jail rosters in Skagit County:
- Skagit County Crime Map
- Skagit County Jail Roster