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Anacortes Police - Investigations


The Anacortes Police Department Investigations Division consists of two Detectives, one Detective Corporal, and one Detective Sergeant.

One Detective and the Detective Corporal and Detective Sergeant are responsible for serious criminal investigations involving all types of criminal activity. Detectives typically follow-up on reports received by the Patrol Division involving allegations of serious felony crimes such as: sex offenses, serious assaults, burglaries, trafficking in stolen property, embezzlement, and more. Detectives also handle complex cases that would be overly time consuming or impractical for a Patrol Officer to investigate.

The other Detective is assigned to the Skagit County Interlocal Drug Enforcement Unit (SCIDEU).

All of our Detectives are scheduled to on weekdays, but are subject to being called in to work at any time in the event of a major crime or felony investigation.

You may leave an anonymous tip for our Detectives by calling (360) 299-1985.