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City of Anacortes Utility Billing

Utility Billing Rates
Unified Fee Schedule for 2017
Utility Discount Program
Utility Billing Applications and Request Forms
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Your City of Anacortes Utility Bill: Rate Changes and Information, Fall 2015

Anacortes Retail Water Rate Study, August 2015

Payment options:

  • Phone: 1-855-288-4093
    • (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Checking Account)
  • Online Payments: Click "Pay Online Now!" link above
  • In-Person (In Anacortes)
    • City Hall - 904 6th Street (Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm - Minus Holidays)
    • The Mailbox - 1004 Commercial Avenue (Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm - Saturday 10am to 3pm)
    • 7-Eleven - 1102 12th Street

Customer Service Numbers:

Utility Billing at (360) 293-1909 or e-mail Utility Billing.
Water Service and Leaks: (360) 293-1921 - e-mail: Operations
Solid Waste: Refuse Service, Pickups and Schedules (360) 293-1921 - e-mail: Solid Waste Department
Waste Management, Recycling & Organics/Yard Waste: (800) 592-9995 - Waste Management website

Utility Billing Information
The City of Anacortes bills monthly for water, sewer, storm drain, refuse, recycling, and organics. You should have a recycling and refuse tote at the address.  Please check the Solid Waste Route Schedule Map to find your pick up day (includes refuse, recycle, and organics).  Both totes should be in the alley (if you have one) or at the curb by 6 AM.

The City of Anacortes contracts with Waste Management for both recycling and organics (yard waste and food scraps).  Organics is an optional service and billed to your City of Anacortes utility account.  If you would like to sign up or discontinue this service, please call Waste Management at 1-800-592-9995 or visit their website.

**Please note that your utility account number will change if you move or the home sells

property owner? The Title Company should contact us at the time of closing for your new home.  We will update the account at that time, regardless of when possession changes. For existing homes, we do not normally stop any service between owners. We will need your mailing address and contact telephone number.  You can e-mail Utility Billing or call (360) 293-1909 with this information.

Renting or leasing? it is up to the property owner or manager to add you on to the account.  They will need to complete a Tenant / Manager Billing Form. All the services are ongoing and should be in place; we do not normally stop/start any service between tenants.

New construction home? Please e-mail Utility Billing or call (360) 293-1909.

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City of Anacortes Utility rates are established by ordinance.

The City of Anacortes now contracts with Waste Management for both recycling and organics (yard waste and food scraps) service.  Organics is an optional service and billed to your City of Anacortes utility account.

Billing statements cover service from the first of the month to the first of the month.  Bills are mailed out by the 15th of the month and are due on the last business day of the month. The due date is printed on the bill.  If you make a payment after the due date, the next billing statement may include the past due balance.

Accounts not paid in full by the due date of the second month will be subject to additional fees and disconnection of water service.  If you use a bill paying system through your bank or online service, please allow adequate time for processing of your payment to avoid delinquency on your account. If you receive a bill with a “disconnect notice”, payments should be made in person at our office at 904 6th Street in the City Hall Municipal Building, second floor before 10 AM on the due date given on your notice.  Failure to do so may result in disconnection of water service and an additional service fee. DO NOT mail in payments or use an online bill pay service for “disconnect notices” as payment may not reach us in time to avoid disconnect.

The City of Anacortes has a Utility Discount Program for eligible customers. Applications and eligibility guidelines are available below or at City Hall.

If you are having trouble making your utility payment, agencies are available to assist you. You may contact North Sound 2-1-1 for assistance referrals. Just dial 2-1-1 on your telephone.

It is the property owner’s responsibility to notify the City of any billing information changes. Forms are available below or at City Hall to request tenant or property manager billing.

Utility Discount Program
The Utility Discount Program (UDP) helps you stay current on utility payments by offering a discount of 20% on your City of Anacortes Utility Bill (water, storm drain, sewer, refuse, recycling). This program is available for City of Anacortes Utility residents who meet income eligibility requirements. The discount can only be applied to residential customer accounts with a 5/8”x3/4” water meter (unless the account is not billed for water service.)

2017 Utility Discount Program Application

If you need to speak with someone in person, or need help completing the application, please e-mail or call Utility Billing at (360) 293-1909 to set up an appointment.  Our office is located in the City Hall Municipal Building, 904 6th St, Anacortes, Finance Department, second floor.  Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, except for City holidays.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to access forms. 

Utility Billing Rates

Utility Billing Applications and Request Forms

Solid Waste: Visit the Operations page for more information.


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Utility Billing

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