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Visit the Anacortes Fire Department page for more information.

How can a citizen test or recharge fire extinguishers?
Refer to the Yellow Pages under "fire extinguishers" there are several local companies who can help you with this.

How can someone become a paid firefighter?
The Anacortes Fire Department maintains a career staff of 23 firefighters at the ranks of Firefighter, Lieutenant, and Chief Officer. The majority are also certified as Paramedics. There are a few EMT positions in the department. All applications and initial testing for full time positions are done through  Applications for Volunteer Firefighter positions are taken at the main fire station at 1016 13th St.  The Fire Department usually has openings for volunteers, and testing is done several times a year, depending on the need.

How does the new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service work with the emergency 9-1-1 service?
Several service providers offer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service to their customers. This service is attractive to people because they can now have voice service using their Internet Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) connection, and no longer need a dedicated telephone line to make phone calls. They also are provided with long distance service at no charge. Check with your service provider to determine if they have a correct address for you, and whether you will be connected to the correct Dispatch Center.

How should I report a fire?
Dial 911 to report a fire. If the phone system is down, report fires at the nearest fire station. The Headquarters Station is at 1016 13th Street; the Norman Brown Station is at 5209 Sunset Avenue; and Station 3, which is only staffed between 8:00am and 8:00pm, is at 9029 Molly Lane, Suite A.

How do I make a complaint if I suspect someone is conducting an illegal burn?
Call 911.

Is the use of fireworks permitted within the City of Anacortes?
An Ordinance passed effective January 1, 2005 prohibits the use of all fireworks within the city limits except for approved, licensed public displays. See our Public Education page for a link to the new ordinance.

How do you dispose of unexploded fireworks or expired flares? 
Unexploded fireworks should be brought to the Anacortes Police Department. Expired flares may be disposed of at the Skagit County Solid Waste Transfer Station at 14104 Ovenell Rd, Skagit County Locations of Disposal Options. 
This link has information on what they accept as well as hours of operation.

What are the current burn regulations?
Within the City of Anacortes, you may burn only recreational fires using firewood, and you will need a permit issued by the Fire Department. Firewood is defined as natural vegetation no less than two inches in diameter. The fire needs to be contained in an open fire pit or approved wood burning BBQ no more than two by three feet (2’x3’). Permits issued are valid for the entire year they are issued in, but are subject to suspension during burn bans. Burn permits must be obtained in person during regular business hours at the main fire station. There is no charge for burn permits.

What are the regulations regarding the use of BBQ`s?
For BBQ’s used to burn firewood, they must be approved for that purpose and you must have a recreational burn permit. For other open flame BBQ’s, if you live in a multi-family building of three or more attached units, you may use them on decks or balconies only if there is an overhead sprinkler present. For other type residences, open flame BBQ’s must be at least 15’ from any structure, and should never be used on wooden decks or porches. For regulations on the use of BBQ’s in the marine environment, see the link to the burn regulations on our public safety page.

Who does safety testing on childrens' car seats?
There is a program available through Skagit County Emergency Medical Services for this. To have your child seat checked for safety, you may make an appointment. Call Bill Craig, (360) 428-3236, or e-mail .They are located at 2911 East College Way, at the county 911 center. This agency also has a program for low-income families to acquire car seats at no cost, and bike helmets for low cost.

Is it true that the fire department issues free bicycle helmets?
The fire department conducts an injury prevention program to provide bicycle helmets free of charge to children. The intent is to provide helmets to those who could not normally afford them. Children need to be accompanied by an adult, and should go to the Headquarters Fire Station at 1016 13th Street during regular business hours. Depending on available supply, they will be properly fitted by one of the firefighter/paramedics. For more information on bike helmet safety, visit  

Anacortes Fire Department
Headquarters Station
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Corner of 13th Street and O Avenue
Mailing Address: 1016 13th St Anacortes WA 98221
Fire Department Telephone: (360) 293-1925
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