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Visit the City of Anacortes Planning and Community Development Department page for more information.
Additional Planning FAQ may be found at the City of Anacortes Building Department page.

How can I get in touch with a planner to ask general questions?
A planner is available to answer general questions at the Planning, Community & Economic Development Department front counter, Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  You can either call or visit the Planning, Community & Economic Development Department located at City Hall (904 6th Street).  The phone number is (360) 299-1969.

Do I need a permit for a temporary street closure or special event? Yes. Contact Don Measamer at (360) 299-1942 for a Street Fair Application.

How can I participate in City Public Hearings?
· In person
· By letter - with as much lead time as possible so that decision makers can receive a copy and have time to review it
· By e-mail  - this should work but e-mail arriving very late in the day of the hearing may not get entered into the record.

How do I find out about pending or active projects in my neighborhood?  If you see a “Public Notice – Land Use Application” sign posted or there is construction occurring and you would like to know more about what is proposed, call the Planning, Community & Economic Development at (360) 299-1969 or stop by the office located at City Hall (904 6th Street).  Staff can provide additional details regarding the application and review process; the project file may also be viewed.

What can I do with my property? First, determine your property`s zoning.  Then, look for the specific section in Title 17 AMC, Zoning for the specific zone.  The City’s Municipal Code is available on-line on the City’s website. Title 17 AMC includes sections with the regulations for each zone, including permitted uses, conditionally permitted uses and non-permitted uses; setbacks; maximum building height and coverage and other standards. If you need help or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Planning, Community & Economic Development Department (PCED) at (360) 299-1969.

What do I need to know if I want to subdivide or short plat my property? Subdividing or short platting property involves review by the City’s Planning, Community & Economic Development, and Fire, Public Works, and Building Departments.  Most short plats are reviewed administratively, whereas formal subdivisions (10 or more lots) require a public hearing.  Prior to submittal of a formal application, an informal preliminary meeting with city staff (Development Review Group) is generally required.  The purpose of this meeting is to identify potential issues and requirements for the proposal.  Some topics of review include zoning requirements, such as minimum lot sizes and maximum density permitted; potential critical areas; tree preservation; and access, utility and stormwater requirements and improvements; etc. The City permit center has information sheets, application checklists and forms for different kinds of development proposals.

What is the process to propose and make changes to the City Comp Plan? Apply in writing to the City Planning Department by March 31 of each year. The City staff batches up the requests, holds public hearing(s), and secures a decision from the City Council later that year.

What is the zoning of my property?  You can find out what a specific property is zoned by reviewing the City’s zoning map, which is located online.   You can also call the Planning, Community & Economic Development Department (PCED) at (360) 299-19869  PCED staff can identify the zoning and provide information regarding the specific regulations for the particular zone.

City of Anacortes Planning and Community Development Department
City Hall Municipal Building, Third Floor
904 6th Street
Corner of 6th Street & Q Avenue, behind the US Post Office
Mailing Address: PO Box 547 Anacortes WA 98221
Planning and Community Development Telephone: (360) 293-1907
Fax: (360) 293-1938