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Pursuant to Resolution 1978, the Director of Public Works is authorized to accept contracted work as complete on behalf of Council for all projects. The Director of Public Works has declared Final Acceptance and has authorized staff to close out the projects listed below. Any person or firms having claims arising from this contract are requested to file such claims pursuant to RCW 39.08.030 with the Anacortes City Clerk.

17-028-TRN-001 Downtown Sidewalks Phase 1 - 3rd St Larry Brown Construction, Inc. 5/30/17
17-067-WTR-001 Dive, Clean, and Inspect 2MG Reservoir at WTP H2O Solutions, LLC 5/30/17
17-034-FAC-001 Replace Heating System Pump #1 VFD @ Anacortes Library Blythe Plumbing & Heating, Inc. 6/14/17
16-074-SEW-001 2017 Sanitary Sewer Improvements TRICO Companies, LLC 6/20/17
17-069-FAC-001 Operations Shop Garage Door Replacement Mt. Baker Overhead Garage Doors Inc. 7/17/17
14-014-IDS-002 Storvik Park Spraypad and Restroom Project Roosendaal- Honcoop 7/24/17
17-054-FAC-001 Install New Windows at Anacortes City Hall Island Sash & Door Co. 7/28/17
17-077-SEW-001 WWTP Solids Handling Scale Calibration Pacific Northwest Scale Co., Inc. 8/4/17
15-028-IDS-008 Partitions & Toilet Accessories for WA Park Men's Restroom W.H. Cress Company, Inc. 9/5/17
17-004-TRN-001 2017 Slurry Seal Project Intermountain Slurry Seal, Inc.
17-006-TRN-001 Heart Lake Road Repair 2017 Larry Brown Construction, Inc. 9/7/17
17-100-IDS-001 Asbestos Sheetrock & Elbows Removal at Operations Shop Environmental Abatement Services, Inc. 9/8/17