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2016 / 2017 Anacortes Municipal Code Updates
The City of Anacortes is currently in the process of updating multiple provisions in the Anacortes Municipal Code (AMC).  The purpose of the updates include compliance with state law, to implement the 2016 Comprehensive Plan, and to transition to a Unified Development Code format. You can view more information about each update topic below.

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for all of the anticipated updates. 


Updates are anticipated to include zoning, development and design standards, land divisions, and more.  This process will include review and possible amendments to the Planned Unit Development provisions.

Regulations protecting wetlands, fish & wildlife habitat conservation areas, geologically hazardous areas, frequently flooded areas and critical aquifer recharge areas will be reviewed and updated to meet periodic review requirements under the Growth Management Act, including use of Best Available Science.
Staff contacts: Libby Grage, Planning Manager; or 360-299-1986


LAND USE PERMIT PROCEDURES  (Amendments adopted 12/19/16)
On December 19, 2016, the City Council adopted Ordinance 2992, which directs amendments to the Anacortes Municipal Code to provide clear, streamlined, one-stop provisions to allow the public, staff and decision-makers to easily identify procedural and substantive requirements for any land use permit application.
Staff contact: Don Measamer, PCED Director; or 360-299-1942
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STORMWATER; CLEARING & GRADING (Amendments adopted 11/28/16)

Updates to the City's stormwater regulations were approved by the City Council on November 28, 2016 (Ordinance 2991).  The new regulations become effective January 1, 2017 and will apply to all development, re-development projects and land disturbing activities.  The regulations are needed in order to comply with Department of Ecology requirements that Low Impact Development (LID) practices be the preferred and commonly used approach for stormwater management in all new and re-development projects.
Staff contact: John Franz, Capital Project Coordinator; or 360-299-1966

MEDICAL MARIJUANA COOPERATIVES (Amendments adopted 11/21/16)
On November 21, 2016, the City Council approved amendments to the Anacortes Municipal Code to prohibit Medical Marijuana Cooperatives in the City of Anacortes (Ordinance 2989).
Staff contact: Darcy Swetnam, City Attorney; or 360-299-1950

CODE ENFORCEMENT & PENALTIES (Amendments adopted 12/21/16)
Ordinance 2988 amending AMC Title 2, TItle 9 and Title 18, and creating a new Title 20 to provide for a fair and efficient system of civil code enforcement was adopted by City Council on 12/21/16. 
Staff contact: Darcy Swetnam, City Attorney; or 360-299-1950.
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